#ciderchat with Bantam Cider


7/31/2014  6pm PST / 9pm EST




A few weeks ago I hosted a unique #ciderchat dedicated to the badass women of cider. Who showed up? Eleanore Ledger of Eden Ice Cider, Jill Lightner –  food writer at PCC Natural Markets, Jana Daisy-Ensign from Finnriver Farms Cider, Courtney Mailey from Blue Bee Cider and Jolie Devoto from Devoto Orchards Cider.  The women were on fire and we had one hell of an hour talking cider.

Another cider maker I reached out to was Dana Masterpolo and Michelle da Silva  of Bantam Cider but they were unavailable that night.  However, they agreed to be our special guest for this week’s #ciderchat. They generously sent me three bottles of cider so I am ready for another installment of #ciderchat.

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#ciderchat with David White of Whitewood Cider



4/10/2014 6pm to 7pm Pacific/9pm to 10pm Eastern

 As you can see from the above title, I chose Whitewood Cider to represent Dave White but that is because I didn’t have enough room to list all of Dave’s organizations.  I recently identified Foggy Ridge’s Diane Flynt as one of the busiest cider producers in the country.  As for Dave, he is not only the co-owner for Whitewood Cider Co. of Washington State but also the President of the North West Cider Association, a pioneer cider blogger (oldtimeydave) and a renowned cider judge.  Oh, and I believe he has another full-time job.  Insane right?

David White

Last Thursday I hosted our first #ciderchat with special guest Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge Cider.  It was great.  Diane is passionate and represents the true art of cider making.  We had fun and learned quite a bit. We are going to give it another go and this time we will have David White as our special guest.

For more information on Dave’s background see his complete bio here

If you missed last week’s #ciderchat or are new to twitter chats, here is how it works:

 Log into Twitter and type in the hashtag #ciderchat into the search window.  Pour yourself a cider, a Whitewood cider if you have one, and join us as we chat with David.  Learn about cider history, cider making, the cider industry and whatever else David wants to chat about.  Make sure you include #ciderchat in your tweets so we all can follow each other.