#ciderchat – Oregon Cider Week


6/12/14  6pm PST / 9pm EST


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So far #ciderchat has been absolutely awesome. But this week we have a biggie. David White and I came up with the idea of dedicating an entire chat towards the upcoming Oregon Cider Week which starts June 20th.

I have contacted a few top guns and they agreed to join us as we chat about the weeks events  and of course whatever else comes up.  Special guests include Bushwhaker Cider,  Tieton Cider Works, Wandering Aengus, Finnriver Farm and Cidery,  and Schilling  Cider.

Join us on twitter and follow hashtag #ciderchat at 6pm PST/9pm EST 6/12/14.



#ciderchat With Bushwhacker Cider

#ciderchat 5/1/2014 6 pm PST/9 pm EST



You can always tell what kind of drinking city you have based on their local pubs. Philadelphia, one of the biggest beer drinking cities has hundreds of beer bars and rightfully so.  Will Philly ever have a cider pub?  sure but not anytime soon. But for Oregon they do (Bushwhacker Cider) and rightfully so. It just goes to how big cider is becoming in the NW.

We are on a roll with #ciderchat. We have gotten to know some big cider folks, well I mean the names are big not the people. This week we have Bushwhacker Cider, America’s first cider pub in Portland, Oregon.  bushwhacker produces in-house ciders and offers guest ciders on tap as well as over 200 bottles.  I live on the wrong side of the country. Continue reading

Cider Review – Anthem Hops

1_123444226_3There are certain curse words and phrases in the beer world. “Beer Snob”, “Dark Beers Are Strong”,  and “Gateway Beers”. I get the whole gateway beer concept but it’s too general.  One size does not fit all people!  Look,  I have turned newbies into beer lovers through imperial stouts, abbey doubles and saisons.  I agree, a double IPA may turn off a drinker forever but it really boils down to choices and an open mind.

Risking sounding like a hypocrite, I am sure converting a beer drinker into a cider drinker could be achieved through a similar ingredient, hops.  Now, maybe not all beer drinkers, but probably pale ale or IPA drinkers.  So it makes sense a cider laced with hops would be (forgive my French) a “gateway cider”.

Christopher Lehault, a cider columnist from Serious Eats, wrote an article called Six American Ciders For Hop Heads.  Please check out the article here.  I figured American cider makers would hop up their ciders soon enough, which is fine for me. Continue reading