#Ciderchat – A Cider and Cheese Pairing


7/24/2014 6pm PST / 9pm EST


I love showdowns especially the regional ones: East vs West.  North vs South.  We have seen them all in the foodie world – Wine, beer, chili, bbq and cheese. So why not the hottest adult drink in the nation – Cider. Both East and West have bragging rights to the top quality ciders in the U.S. so why not make this one a bit more interesting and pair West Coast ciders and cheese along with East Coast ciders and cheese.  Ellen Cavalli from Tilted Shed Ciderworks sent me an email the other day with a #ciderchat idea. Just in time because I had no theme planned. Shame on me.  Ellen and Kay Michaels are collaborating together to host a unique cider and cheese pairing that will take place at 3 pm on August 3 2014.

Join us on twitter for another epic #ciderchat  as we kick this event off  with a discussion of the art and craft of pairing cider with cheese. 7/24/2014 6pm PST / 9pm EST.



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For The Love Of Beer And Cheese. Worth A Strip Search?

One of my favorite things about meeting new friends is I can tell those old cool stories that everyone else is sick of.  My blog post is perfect for this so let me tell you how I got myself in the most unusual predicament during a culinary trip to France.

About fifteen years ago,  just before I graduated from The Restaurant School of Philadelphia, the class took a trip to France to experience the amazing food and drink culture in the Burgundy region.  We visited wineries, chateaus, escgarot farms, foie gras farms and ate and drank like kings. Continue reading

How do you plan your vacation?

If you are a foodie like me, your vacation planning probably looks like this.

Destination: Vermont

City: Burlington.

I hit the web and Google “Things to do in Burlington Vermont.”  I  find the attractions tab and locate beer/wineries.  Listed are Magic Hat, Long Trail Brewery, Wolavers and Otter Creek.  Hot damn!  I can hit two a day.

On to the wineries.  I find a cool map on Vermontwine.com.  In the Burlington area, I find Shelburne vineyards,  Snow Farm Winery, Charlotte Village Winery and Lincoln Peak .  I love visiting local small wineries.  I will hit two or three of the wineries.

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