#ciderchat With Bushwhacker Cider

#ciderchat 5/1/2014 6 pm PST/9 pm EST



You can always tell what kind of drinking city you have based on their local pubs. Philadelphia, one of the biggest beer drinking cities has hundreds of beer bars and rightfully so.  Will Philly ever have a cider pub?  sure but not anytime soon. But for Oregon they do (Bushwhacker Cider) and rightfully so. It just goes to how big cider is becoming in the NW.

We are on a roll with #ciderchat. We have gotten to know some big cider folks, well I mean the names are big not the people. This week we have Bushwhacker Cider, America’s first cider pub in Portland, Oregon.  bushwhacker produces in-house ciders and offers guest ciders on tap as well as over 200 bottles.  I live on the wrong side of the country. Continue reading