One Man’s Game Is Another Man’s Sport

There is a new game in town

I originally thought for my first sports and beer post, I would write something about what new craft beers are showing up in sports arenas or perhaps a bicycle and beer tour.  Well, when something smacks you in the face, you have to run with it.

Not Just For Kids

Last year, during a visit to Cleveland, my stepsister told us about a backyard game in which you throw a corn filled bag into a wooden board that has a hole built-in.  They call it cornhole.  Sounded like beanbag toss to me.  I played this in elementary school.  Do adults really play this?  Where I am from, the backyard game of choice is usually horseshoes.  I didn’t think much of it until it started popping up in just about every beer event I came across online.

Frankly, with a beer in hand, this could be fun.  I know what you are thinking.  Is cornhole really a sport?  Ask one of the many die-hard cornhole competitors.  These players take this game seriously.

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