#ciderchat With Bill Bradshaw



2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm BST


World's best cider


You hear about super athletes like John McEnroe and Michael Jordan cradling a tennis racket or basketball in their hand before they could ride a bike. Well our #ciderchat guest Bill Bradshaw had a camera in his hand at seven years old and probably a pint of ale or cider also, though he may not admit that.

“Exploring the international cider world through a lens”. That pretty much sums it up.  Both photographer and cider blogger Bill Bradshaw has already written three cider books:

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#ciderchat – A Virtual Cider Party


5/8/2014  6 pm PST/ 9 pm EST


This week I thought we would try something different. Instead of inviting a guest host, I thought we would have ourselves a virtual cider party. We can discuss some popular topics such as what glassware to serve cider. the never-ending debate over traditional cider apples vs other apple varieties.  We will discuss our favorite cider styles. chat about upcoming events and discuss new cider trends. And just goof aff while drinking our favorites cider.

Sign into Twitter Thursday 5/8/2014 at 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST. Follow hashtag #ciderchat and add #ciderchat to your tweets. See you at the virtual bar.


Behind The Label- Wandering Aengus Ciderworks

wandering aengus

This post has been sitting in my draft pile for a while.  It’s a timing thing.  Last autumn Wandering Aengus, the makers of Anthem Ciders, or at least their PA reps, were pouring at Philly’s first Pour The Core cider fest.  Philly is arguably one of the best beer cities but cider is in its infancy.

Though reviewing ciders is always fun, I am sometimes drawn to the labels and story behind the cider makers.  Leprechaun, Naked Flock and Wandering Aengus all make badass labels. I have already featured the first 2 in previous posts so let’s take a look behind Wandering Aengus. Continue reading

#Ciderchat With Diane Flynt Of Foggy Ridge Cider



 April 3, 2014 6pm to 7 pm Eastern Time

I have put this off for quite a while but no more. Allow me to introduce you to the first #ciderchat. I will host our weekly chat and will feature a special guest or special theme each week.

For our first #ciderchat, we will be joined by award-winning cidermaker Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge Cider.  Foggy Ridge resides in the Blue Ridge mountains in Dugspur, Virginia.  Diane grows over 30 varieties of French and British apples.  Amongst many organizations, Diane is co-organizer of Cider Week Virginia, On the Board of directors of the Virginia Wine Board and constantly spreading the word about the cider industry.


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Cider Technique – Keeving

301767726_b0236dc328One of the things I love about cider is that one size does not fit all.  England, Spain, France and United States all have their unique style and techniques for producing renowned ciders.

As I covered the riddling process in a previous post, today we will discuss  the keeving technique mastered by French cider makers.  When I decided to write this post I wanted to find an American producer using the not so simple keeving technique.

Summing up the keeving process is no easy task but here is a brief description. I will try not to confuse you. Continue reading

Cider Review – Ace Apple Hard Cider

8120255149_f9a5d46287_tI Recently spoke to Jeffery House from The California Cider Company,  producer of Ace Cider.  I wanted to get an idea what the early cider days were like in Western Sonoma county, California.  The California Cider Company was producing Ace Ciders when Santa Rosa had no cider. So, after 15 years there was bound to be changes through the years.

Jeffery House was born in Kingston -upon- Thames, on the outskirts of London and grew up in Surrey.  House left UK in 1977 after spending 5 years working as an account executive for American advertising agencies in London. Continue reading

Cider Review – Black Twig Hard Apple Cider

images black twigHard cider from Delaware?  Are you kidding?  Well it’s true.  Great Shoals, an award-winning winery, of Mount Vernon, Maryland connected with T.S. Smith and Sons from Bridgeville, Delaware,  a 106 year old family run farm.  At the same time, the Smiths were looking for someone to answer their customer’s inquiries for a Delaware cider.  Matt Cimino from Great Shoals paid the Bridgeville farm a visit during apple harvest and found an ideal apple that Delmarva Apple lovers have grown to love, The Black Twig.

The Black Twig, a favorite of Andrew Jackson,  started it’s journey around 1830 near Fayetteville, Tennessee on a farm of Major Rankin Toole.  It’s popularity grew into the 20th century in Virginia and North Carolina, and of course Delaware.  Black Twigs have been covering the Bridgeville orchard for over 80 years.

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Cider Review- Original Sin Hard Cider

original sinHere is a quote from Mick Ralphs that suits me well: “Since I’ve got on the Internet, it’s opened a whole world of wasted time for me.  My wife says she’s an Internet widow.”  Well I say, “You can have your Honey Boo Boo, I have Philly Tap Finder.”  It’s true, I do spend too much time online,  but every once in a while I come across that perfect ….. . Oh stop with all the b.s. Huff.  The point is, I came across a beer and cider man’s dream.  Well at least in the Delaware County area.

On Philly Tap Finder, you can locate your favorite beer and the bar that serves it.  In reverse you can find the bar first and then the tap list.  But I wasn’t looking for beer, I was searching for local ciders, and sure enough, cider is on the style list.  Hot damn.

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Chestnut In Beer – An Italian Specialty

bth_IMG_1338_zps06686018Quite a while back I read an article on Italian craft beer. It was probably from All About Beer magazine. The article basically claimed that the younger Italian generation seeks quality and innovation in all their food and drink including beer. A few years later, at a Philly beer event, I had a chance to chat with Carol Stoudt from Stoudt’s Brewery. One of the things she mentioned was to keep an eye out for Italian craft beer.

I haven’t come across any until recently. My local beer store has a few but the price is a bit high.  A buddy of Continue reading

Cider Review – Isastegi Sagardo, Naturala Sidra “txotx”

txotx-movil-008_display_instalacioneI haven’t been to Spain. It’s not a matter of desire but a matter of opportunity and timing.  Believe me. Spain has always been on the top of my list. I’ve researched, watched videos, looked at villas, and read books. You can say I practically planned the entire trip.

My destination was decidedly easy, the Andalusian region.  A typical Spanish destination, mediterranean climate,  flamenco dancing, bull fighting, vineyards, orange groves and jamón ibérico.

This was obviously before my cider affinity.  I Continue reading