Patrick Huff


Foodie and Craft Drink Advocate pouring and nibbling his way through the world of Fine Drink and Artisanal Foods.


Craft Beer actually was not my first love.

In the early 90s, when I was unaware of any microbreweries, I became a self-proclaimed foodie. My first introduction to the world of culinary arts was through a TV show called Great Chefs. I discovered foods and cuisines I did not know existed. Cilantro, escarole, roux, bechamel. It was like learning a new language but this one looked delicious.

I was hooked, so in 1996 I signed up for a two year culinary arts program at The Restaurant School of Philadelphia. During school, it was all about the wine. I was fine with that. However, I had a few craft beers previously, such as Anchor Steam and Pyramid Snow Cap. That just peaked my interest.

During my first apprenticeship in Wilmington, Delaware,  I learned how to make a sauce called Petes Wicked Sauce. This was a reduction sauce with Petes Wicked Brown Ale added. Cooking with beer? Really? This was too cool.

Next up were, in no particular order, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Dogfish Head Chicory Stout and Iron Hill Iron Bound. But the one that sealed the deal was a triple from Victory called Golden Monkey. I was officially hooked. I wanted more than just the enjoyment of tasting micro brews, I wanted the whole experience. I wanted to know how it was brewed, where it came from, what foods to pair with it. What temperature to serve it at and what glass to serve it in.

For about 17 years, I have been studying, tasting and sharing hand crafted beer. Am I an expert? I think of myself as a very knowledgable student. I will never stop learning and hopefully, along the way, I can inspire a few people to eat, drink and enjoy the best beer, the best food and the best company. Cheers!

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