#Ciderchat – A Cider and Cheese Pairing


7/24/2014 6pm PST / 9pm EST


I love showdowns especially the regional ones: East vs West.  North vs South.  We have seen them all in the foodie world – Wine, beer, chili, bbq and cheese. So why not the hottest adult drink in the nation – Cider. Both East and West have bragging rights to the top quality ciders in the U.S. so why not make this one a bit more interesting and pair West Coast ciders and cheese along with East Coast ciders and cheese.  Ellen Cavalli from Tilted Shed Ciderworks sent me an email the other day with a #ciderchat idea. Just in time because I had no theme planned. Shame on me.  Ellen and Kay Michaels are collaborating together to host a unique cider and cheese pairing that will take place at 3 pm on August 3 2014.

Join us on twitter for another epic #ciderchat  as we kick this event off  with a discussion of the art and craft of pairing cider with cheese. 7/24/2014 6pm PST / 9pm EST.



Below is a description of the cider event and a link to the ticket sight.

Cider and Cheese Pairing Workshop

East meets West in this cider and cheese spectacular, as the Big Apple’s Kay Michaels, cheesemonger at NYC’s Eataly, and Sonoma County’s own Ellen Cavalli, co-owner of Tilted Shed Ciderworks, present a workshop on one of the hottest foodie trends in the nation. Participants will explore the gustatory delights found in matching small-batch traditional ciders with artisan cheeses, and discover why cider + cheese = heaven!

Attendees will be presented with six tasting-sized pours of select ciders from the East and West Coast and artisan cheese pairings with each cider, along with palate cleansing small bites like crackers, fruit and nuts. With tasting sheets and guided instruction from a professional cheesemonger and local cider producers, participants will have a personalized tour through the tasting.

Kay Michaels is a cheesemonger, cider enthusiast, and one half of the blogging duo known as United States of Cider, an eclectic compendium dedicated to exploring the world of cider. Kay has worked the counters at Whole Foods, Murray’s Cheese, and is currently at Eataly in New York City. She hopes you’ll stop by to share your perfect pairing discovery.


Tilted shed 3

Ellen Cavalli is co-owner and sales & marketing director of Tilted Shed Ciderworks, based in Windsor. She and her husband Scott Heath, Tilted Shed’s cidermaker and orchardist, are obsessed with elevating the apple to greatness by making ciders that are revelatory and sublime, from 100% local heirloom and traditional cider apples. They also grow cider apples at their Sebastopol farm, which they share with their son, puppy, sheep, and chickens.

All participants will receive 10% off on any retail, larder, or pantry items at SHED the day of the event, perfect for stocking up on cheese and cider.

Seating limited to 30. Ages 21+ only.


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