#ciderchat with CIDERCRAFT Magazine



4/24/2014 6 pm Pacific – 9 pm EST


Onto our fourth #ciderchat via twitter and this week we invite CIDERCRAFT, the new bi-yearly all-cider magazine.   I made sure I got my subscription in.  I admit I didn’t expect a cider magazine to hit shelves quite yet but I knew it was inevitable.



Here is a brief description from the official press release:

Seattle, WA (April 8, 2014) – From Sip Ventures, the privately owned and operated publisher behind the award-winning regional beverage publication Sip Northwest, comes CIDERCRAFT—the first North American magazine dedicated to cider. CIDERCRAFT devotes itself to shining a light on the evolution and resurgence of one of the oldest beverages on the continent, bringing both education and appreciation of the drink to the thirsty people.

With circulation for the inaugural issue commencing at 25,000, the bi-annual CIDERCRAFT magazine will profile the artisans behind the craft, while exploring the regions and orchards, meeting the movers and shakers of the industry, listing original cocktail recipes from nationally renowned bar-chefs, recommend pairings with cider-friendly cuisine and aid as a connection between the consumer and cider producers.

To read the entire press release click here

Join us on twitter each Thursday at 6 pm Pacific and 9 pm EST for a 1 hour chat about hard cider. Just follow #ciderchat and don’t forget to add #ciderchat to your tweets.



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