Cider Review – Leprechaun Hard Cider

Legends and Myths


If it weren’t for my cider trading friends, I would not have the opportunity to try so many hard to find ciders.  Leprechaun is one of them. Flown out from Texas, I received their Strawberry, Pomegranate and Dry.  Today I am reviewing the Dry.

Leprechaun’s label and logo fascinates me.  It’s a diamond surrounding a four-leaf clover with two large white hounds in the middle. The dogs are in position to attack the evil serpent.

What was the inspiration behind the logo?  Leprechaun cider has a section on their website that tells the origin of the leprechaun.  According to legend, a noble king, in pursuit from an invading tribe, left his child in the possession of his faithful hound.  When he returned, the dog was covered in blood and his son was missing. In the heat of rage, the king killed his dog.  In the distance, the king heard whimpering and when he approached the brush, he found his precious son safe, who had been protected from the giant dog which had slain an evil serpent.

Because of his betrayal towards his devoted dog, the King was cursed and forever doomed into trickery and betrayal toward others. He became known as Leprechaun.

I asked Jake Schiffer from Leprechaun Ciderto further elaborate how the story of theLeprechaun relates to his artisanal ciders and this is what he had to say.

“The story originates from Ireland, but when I was living there I fell in love with cider. The story is supposed to take place in the kings orchard. I loved the story, and it just so happened to be in Killarney where I had cider for the first time, so the two stuck together. Also, the original story of the Leprechaun is nothing like anyone in America has ever been introduced to – in turn, our ciders are the same way.”

And how true that is so let’s take a look at Leprechaun’s Dry Cider.

Leprechaun Dry surfaced my glass with aggressive and small happy bubbles. No mousse formed but as I mentioned before it depends what glass you use. The cider was crystal clear and projected a brilliant color, that of a pilsner.

I really loved the bouquet and I pulled out some interesting characteristics. Sweet floral nose with aromatic fruit such as apricots and star fruit.  Typical band aid and fresh-cut grass provided the characters of propper cider apples.

A creamy and full bodied mouthfeel gave me the texture I typically desire, and you know how serious I am about texture. I thought the carbonation was approachable.

The first flavor I detected was white grape followed quickly by  unripe pear and dried flowers. Botanical like.   Tannins were soft enough to please most palates.  The balanced acidity provided a blank canvas for the  band aid – like cellar profile.  BTW, this is a good quality to have for artisanal ciders. The subtle funky character hung tight in the middle and back palate.   Leprechaun Dry was just that, dry the entire way through with a “do not forget me finish.”


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