Cider Review – Blazing Star Sparkling Peach

BSSP-Label-29-Jan-2013-cropped-171x300I recently wrote a review on Black Twig Cider from Great Shoals.  The Black Twig apples were acquired from T.S  Smith and Sons, a Delawarean orchard.  Around that same time, I came across an article about a new Delaware cider from Great Shoals.  Funny thing though, I live in Delaware and you would think I would have inside information on the Delaware cider industry. LOL.  But one of my fellow bloggers, United States Of Cider, beat me to the punch.

This time T.S Smith and Sons provided Blazing Star Peaches.  I was stoked and a bit skeptical.  Just like my beers, I am put off by overly sweet and sticky drinks.

I contacted Greer Stangi from T.S. Smith And Sons to discuss how I could find the Blazing Star Sparkling Cider and congratulate them on another product.  Coincidentally enough, that upcoming weekend, T.S Smith hosted a spring fest at the farm. There would be wagon rides, cooking demonstrations, live music and of course, sampling of the new cider.  I was hoping to take my female dominant family but they had hair cuts that same day.  So I was on my own.

The turn out was minimal, mainly do to the early rain but it cleared up quite well.  I found Greer near the cider table and was introduced to the distributor. I immediately tried the cider expecting a  sticky overly peachy cider.  Proper review below.

The foodstuff consisted of asparagus soup and BBQ. I grabbed a pulled pork sandwich and sat near the stage. Such great old American music and after a few songs, Farmer Charlie joined in, playing bass guitar.   Not only did the makeshift band jam but they entertained us with quick one liners. I wasn’t sure if Charlie was a farmer, musician or comedian. A triple threat I guess.

I had a blast and it seemed as if everyone knew each other which was ideal for a local farm.

A few weeks later and I finally opened the Blazing Star Sparkling Peach.

Blazing Star hits 8% abv and consists of Ginger gold apples and blazing star peaches. The two fruits are fermented separately and blended before receiving a secondary fermentation in the bottle.

For the Pour

A light white mousse rimmed the glass and left a little lace as it dissipated quickly.

Color was hazy and light yellow. Small tight bubbles rose rapidly to the surface.  As I was pouring and evaluating the color, the aroma was actually disturbing my evaluation but in a great way. This meant the nose would be big.

I was right. The aroma was powerful. Musty with light fruit and it indicated a crisp and acidic cider. Peach notes hid behind the acidic background.

For the taste

Acidity controlled the cider in the front and middle pallet, Once acidity started to subside, peach came through nicely. Mouthfeel was light to medium. Though the pits were removed before fermentation, the finish gave way to peach pit bitterness.  My wife related this as nutty, perhaps almond. The finish was clean and quick.  Great Shoals recommends customers to serve cold but as it warmed up slightly, the acidity mellowed and the peach really came through. The cider also mirrored the musty nose.

Try this out. Chill it and do your own experiment. Assess the aroma and flavor directly out of fridge then do the same once it lightly warms up,  but still cool.  I prefer the latter.

My Over all Impression

Blazing Star Sparkling cider is pretty solid. Crisp, bubbly and I hate to use this term too often,  refreshing.   Blazing Peach will compliment lightly fried foods, fresh herbs and triple cream cheeses.  As recommended, think Sparkling Peach for your next mimosa and champagne toast. Try it in sangria as well. The possibilities are endless.

Have you had an artisanal cider lately? Share your stories and for more cider reviews visit these links

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One comment on “Cider Review – Blazing Star Sparkling Peach

  1. You know you have almost made me a convert. I now always look to see what ciders are available when I visit my wine and beverage purveyors. they laugh and then we talk about ciders. :-). I haven’t answered your last question, I’ll need to let you know what I’ve tired. I’ll be back to let you know. :-)))

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