Road Trip – Triumph Brewery

DSCN1537At the beginning of the year, I decided I would take beer posts less seriously.  Focus on beer travels, less educational,  more personal experiences.  It makes no sense to have so many breweries within a couple of hours drive and not visit them.  Weyerbacher, Troegs, Evolution, Yards, Flying Dog, Sly Fox, and many more. Why the hell have I waited so long?  Get on the bus Huff!

I have also decided when a cidery and brewery align properly, I would visit both.  And to avoid wasting beer money on a sitter, we would pack up the kiddies and make an adventure out of it.

I guess I was a bit slow because our first beer and cider trip of 2013 was two weeks ago.  I located a cidery in Pipersville, PA,  just a half hour drive from New Hope, Pennsylvania.  What’s in New Hope besides a thousand shoppers and the Delaware River?  Triumph Brewery.  Triumph is a brewpub and can be located in Philadelphia, Princeton and of course. New Hope.

The trip along the way was beautiful to say the least.  When we finally arrived in New Hope,  my oldest daughter,  like a high school girl at her first pep rally, yelled out “This place is awesome!”  The quaint picturesque town was dotted with boutique shops and patio lined restaurants.

Our first hit was Triumph Brewery.  We were immediately led upstairs where the fermentation tanks were displayed.  The main bar and game room was downstairs.

Let me explain to you how most dining experiences go in our family.  First up is the coloring, then followed by the same tired-ass kids menu.  To my dislike, the twins have either the grilled cheese, chicken fingers or the hotdog.  Really?  I am a foodie and a trained chef and this is what my girls eat. There is still hope though.  I have one other girl and she has obviously inherited my willingness to try just about anything.  How many six-year olds eat calamari, oysters, mussels, Korean hot wings and mushrooms?  I am not a big fan of ordering a full gorilla sized meal for a child so I usually pick what I fancy and share it with her.

The menu was quite impressive, a gastropub style menu. The brewpub is a perfect example of the slow food movement . Each item on the menu in some way or another comes from a local source .

This is what my daughter and I shared. First up was the fried calamari which isn’t that big of a deal but she has become a critic.  The verdict?  Pretty good but she said the rings could have been more tender.  She was right.

The main plate was Croque Madame Sliders.  Ozark Mountain Ham, Mornay sauce, carmelized onion and a quail egg.  The roll was topped with the fried quail egg.  Pretty attractive and I liked what the runny yolk did to the toasted roll.  My daughter and I loved it, of course.  My wife had a bacon cheese burger and it was spot on.

And the beer? A pretty simple selection.  Since I knew I would be sharing cider at Mama D’s, and

I pitty the fool that eats my oysters

I pitty the fool that doesn’t eat my mussels!

was pressed for time, I had only one beer,  which was the Irish Dry Stout.  This was pretty solid.  Full body coming from unmalted barley, nice dark roasted malt and a long dry finish.   I was pretty convinced the other beers would be just as solid.  As usual the girls got restless and were staring at and whispering about the  heavily tattooed waiter with the mohawk.

We gave ourselves just enough time to stop at the French pastry shop. A pretty authentic shop too. Three cookies, a crumb cake, and an apple danish.  Even though we left a bit early, we have plenty to see next time,  such as Washington’s Crossing, 18th century homes and a scenic train ride.

Please share your beer travel stories.


One comment on “Road Trip – Triumph Brewery

  1. What a fun read and fun experience. Your description of the food made me hungry. I love your idea of a road trip, I am planning one with my neighbor to Point Reyes National Wildlife Reserve north of San Francisco. Cowgirl Cheesier lies not far form there as well as a few great wineries of course. Like yours, It will be a fun trip.

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