Cider Review- Original Sin Hard Cider

original sinHere is a quote from Mick Ralphs that suits me well: “Since I’ve got on the Internet, it’s opened a whole world of wasted time for me.  My wife says she’s an Internet widow.”  Well I say, “You can have your Honey Boo Boo, I have Philly Tap Finder.”  It’s true, I do spend too much time online,  but every once in a while I come across that perfect ….. . Oh stop with all the b.s. Huff.  The point is, I came across a beer and cider man’s dream.  Well at least in the Delaware County area.

On Philly Tap Finder, you can locate your favorite beer and the bar that serves it.  In reverse you can find the bar first and then the tap list.  But I wasn’t looking for beer, I was searching for local ciders, and sure enough, cider is on the style list.  Hot damn.

Doc’s, Harpoon, Commonwealth, Dupont Sidre Reserve and Original Sin are all flowing from the taps of Philly’s beer bars.  This was great news since I have no draft cider options in Delaware. Philly is just an hour away and my favorite craft drinking city.

I recently did a review on Doc’s Draft and the other cider I bought that same day was Original Sin Hard Cider.

Going back as far as 1997, and this was early on in the modern times artisanal cider industry, Original Sin Hard Cider was created to bring back the cider making traditions of the past.

Through determination, perseverance, and customer feedback, founder Gidon Coll eventually landed his first cider into establishments in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Fifteen years later and you can find Original Sin ciders in 30 states as well as Japan and UK.

The Review

ABV 6%

New York City

Original Sin Hard Cider pours a nice 1/4 inch mousse that reduced to a ring around the glass. Color was clear and yellow/straw.  Tight bubbles surfaced with moderate speed.

The aroma was complex and inviting.  A musty and earthy start supported by harvest fruit, white grape, vanilla and oak.

Now for the main show

Front pallet starts off with more autumn fruit, apple peel balanced by pleasing acidity.  This keeps the sweetness from getting away.  Carbonation is on the soft side and has a medium mouthfeel.    For me, the tannins are subdued but mildly evident. In the end I detect the oak and vanilla but this was very subtle, a perfect complement.   Original Sin finishes dry but has a long clean finish.

Over all impression

My local beer store will see increased sales on Original Sin this year.  The cider is approachable but with defining characteristics. Crisp, complex and truly refreshing. It is evident that care and purpose went into making Original Sin Hard Cider a true American cider.  This cider is downright sexy.  If your cider experience has only been mass-produced ciders then seek out Original Sin.  You probably won’t go back.


6 comments on “Cider Review- Original Sin Hard Cider

  1. Hey Patrick. Thank you very much for your kind words about PTF. We work very hard so it’s great to hear some positive feedback. We’re happy that you found the cider selection under styles. I personally know very little about ciders, but it’s great to see that so many people are using PTF as a resource to find ciders (it’s also cool that we’ve had some local ones pop up within the past few years). Cheers and thanks again for your support. – Jared

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