Cider Review- Doc’s Draft Hard Apple Cider-

778201122_8fe12c666e_tWith 6 cider producers along the Hudson Valley alone, New York is a driving force in the American cider industry. Warwick Valley Winery And Distillery, The producers of Doc’s Draft Hard Ciders, represent one of Hudson Valley cideries that, as far as I am concerned, kicks ass.

Warwick started their venture in 1993.  That was actually two years before Dogfish Head Brewery from Rehoboth  Delaware opened their doors.  In 1993, the only thing that resembled hard cider in my store was the sweet sticky cider pops such as Hornsby and Woodchuck. so it is safe to say when Doc’s Hard Cider became a reality, there wasn’t much of a real cider market.

Warwick started out with typical growing pains but through perseverance they produced award-winning products.

Doc’s hard cider is distributed in only 14 states so I consider myself lucky enough to have access within 15 minutes away

Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery is located in the foothills of the Hudson Valley, New York nestled between  Mt. Eve and Mt. Adam.  Besides a tasting room, Warwick has a cafe, live music and apple picking.  Visit their website for summer events.

Last week at State Line liquors, I found a bottle of  Doc’s Draft Original Hard Cider   My  local beer and wine store certainly has quite the collection.

Here are my notes on Doc’s Hard Cider

The cider poured a clear yellow/straw color with aggressive tight bubbles.

On the nose was light apple sweetness, mild hay/grassy/barnyard.  From the aroma I anticipated a sophisticated dry cider.

The flavor profile didn’t dissapoint .It started off with  fresh fruit and light apples. Cut grass and light hay provided the middle.. Doc’s hard cider was crisp and spritzy with a medium mouthfeel. While I was  enjoying the cider bliss , Doc’s finished dry and lingered on.

Over all, I will keep Doc’s original as a standard  One of the things I really liked was the apple presence was not too intense, still fruity though, which is exactly what I prefer.

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4 comments on “Cider Review- Doc’s Draft Hard Apple Cider-

  1. I am a big fan of Doc’s Draft. The fabulous apple pastry aroma followed by a not-too-sweet cider wins me over completely. Have you heard that they’re coming out with a hopped cider? Very exciting!

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