Crystal Meth And Michigan Beer

bth_breaking-badEasy Now, It’s Not What You think

I need an intervention. Not from beer but from Netflix.  Ever since I have discovered you can watch previous tv shows, it has become a problem for me.  I mean I can watch four seasons in just a couple of weeks.  It started with Dr Who, then Torchwood, three seasons of Being Human, three more seasons of Merlin and the latest?  An overdose of Breaking Bad.

I have my blog partner Sarah to thank for that.  She wouldn’t stop talking about the insane show Breaking Bad.  I finally caved in and watched an episode on Netflix.

Let me give you a quick run down on what the show is about.  A middle-aged Chemistry teacher discovers he has terminal cancer.  What worries him the most is leaving his family with the financial burden of the medical bills as well as providing for his son, newborn daughter and his wife.

After hearing how much money can be made  selling crystal meth from his DEA brother-in-law, he decides to take a drug bust ride.  He meets a young dope head and becomes a partner selling Crystal.  Using his chemistry expertise, he cooks up the purist and top quality crystal meth out there.

The dysfunctional partners get so far above their head they can’t get out.  The show is so disturbing but yet so addicting just like a meth addict.

So what the hell does this have to do with Michigan beer? Not much except  during the holidays Sarah visited her family in Michigan and was nice enough to pick up some fine Michigan beers for us to try.  Last friday we had planned to visit a new beer and whiskey bar in Philly.  But after a stressful week, we decided to take it easy and forego the bar party.  Sarah decided she needed beer, pizza and Breaking Bad.  How could I refuse. I am a Breaking Bad junkie after all.  Plus Michigan beer? Hell yeah.

5604883259_8fa762c1a4_tIt’s no secret Michigan is a driving force in the beer industry.  With breweries such as Atwater, Bells, Arcadia and Founders, plus almost 80 more.  Ranking 5th in the nation for its number of breweries ,there is no wonder why Michigan is a  beer geek’s paradise.  The first microbrew sold was in 1985, That was almost 10 years before Dogfish Head opened in Delaware.

Though I didn’t take notes. I was watching Breaking Bad for God’s sake, I did enjoy the entire selection. I expected nothing less.

Do you have any favorite Michigan beers?

Do you watch Breaking Bad? What are your thoughts?


6 comments on “Crystal Meth And Michigan Beer

  1. I don’t watch Breaking Bad, but I do drink Michigan beer. I feel a bit odd when I drink something other than Michigan beer. I mean it only makes sense when you consider I am 2 minutes from Bell’s production brewery. 10 minutes at most from their Eccentric Cafe. And this is just Bell’s.

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