Once A Hop Head Always A Hop Head?

6991583249_f696090725_tAllow me to answer this now. Once a hop head always a hop head? Absolutely not. I didn’t want  to admit it but I am officially ready to hang up my hop head hat.

In the early to mid 90s when my beer peeps and I were just getting our beer boots wet, I proclaimed myself as a hop-head. This was actually a new term in those days, We hop heads were excited by bitter. The same way  those guys that order suicide hot wings and keep eating in spite of dripping a pool of capsaicin sweat.

My beer peeps didn’t see craft beer the same way.  They were worshipping the likes of badass beers such as Golden Monkey and Storm King. While I was also a Monkey junky, beers such as Imperial stouts were a bit much for me.  Did I mention these were the early years?  I eventually overcame my aversion for Russian Imperials.  But IPA’s and Double IPA’s would remain  on the top of my list for years to come.  Don’t get me wrong, I eventually became an equal opportunist beer drinker and as of recent, my preference for the bitter has been finishing last.   The truth be told, I was suffering from eternal hop fatigue.

This reminds me of the international IPA day I participated in last year.  My local beer bar featured 15 various IPAs on draft and by the third I had enough. My tongue was scraped by the layers.  In the last year I consumed few hop bombs and even the more balanced IPAs  were too much.   Last night after purchasing a six-pack of Two Hearted Ale, (a great IPA) I can honestly say, no more.

Ok, I will leave room for Weyerbacher’s Double Simcoe IPA and have still yet to try Pliny.  But I think I will be staying home during this year’s IPA day.

So tell me what beers you have been neglecting lately.

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7 comments on “Once A Hop Head Always A Hop Head?

  1. Saying I’m a “Hop Head” is like saying I like to eat steak at every meal. Of course I don’t that’s why I like other food as well as other styles of beer. It depends what I’m in the mood for.

  2. I’ve been neglecting most American styles. I’ve been drinking mostly Belgian or Belgian-styles for nearly a year now. Every time I drift to something else, my thoughts are “I wish I was drinking something Belgian.” I’ve been over hops for a long time. They mostly end up making a beer a one trick pony. Sure they’re aggressive and easy to taste, but it doesn’t take a lot of brewing skill to dump a ton of hops in a kettle. Doing that and creating a complex and interesting IPA, that’s a real trick that most haven’t figured out. I am looking forward to this years release of Elysian Savant IPA. That was one of the best IPA releases of last year, along with Sierra Nevada’s Ruthless Rye IPA. Neither of which are extreme, but do have a deep level of interest that goes beyond the hop.

  3. I love IPA’s but I can totally see where you’re coming from. My favourite extreme hop beer is Double Dead by Railway City Brewing Company. I for one have been neglecting IPA’s actually. As much as I love them lately I’ve been focused on Stouts and Porters, soon as spring rolls around I’m sure I’ll be back with an IPA in my hand.

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