Hobbits, Dragons, Pinball And Beer

8272636292_e1820642c7_tThe question I have lost sleep over for 2/3rds of my life…In the ultimate battle, who would reign supreme, Gandolf or Darth Vader?  I may finally have the chance to sleep a full night.

About a year or so ago Ed Morgan from The Dogs Of Beer and I started a local group called Delaware Craft Beer and Wine Lovers. We manage to get together about once or twice a month visiting local bars or attending festivals. A pretty good time if I must say so.

Not only am I a beer geek but I am also a wanna be Sci Fi and Fantasy geek. So taking advantage of the highly anticipated Lord Of The Rings prequel, The Hobbit, I decided we combine the movie with one of the Hobbits favorite past times, beer of course.

It may surprise you but Delaware has a few good beer and wine bars. My choice was no ordinary beer bar. This Wilmington bar called 1984 is also an arcade.  That’s right. You can rock to The Police, play pinball and quaff a victory Golden Monkey all in one place.  Well I wouldn’t recommend actually quaffing the Monkey. Perhaps a Yards Brawler instead.

I will not get into the movie other than to say having to wait for two more three-hour movies to see Bilbo Baggins get his ass saved a hundred times is not cool.

Following the movie, we immediately followed our fellow Delaware beer peep to Wilmington to meet our friend Rob at 1984. The bar was sitting in a strip next to a Chinese take out and we were met by an employee collecting five dollars to cover three live bands.

The inside looked much cooler than I imagined.  The center square bar sat about 20 thirsty players and on the side wall was the beer list organized by Player One (Draft List) and Player Two (Bottle List).  The beer list was ok.  I thought it was too hop heavy, too many IPAs but combined with the bottle list, I had some solid choices:  Victory Storm King, Twin Lakes Pale Ale,  Ommegang Hennepin and Troegs Troeganator.

Half of the room was filled with quite a few classics such as Centipede, Tetris, Pacman, five pinball machines and many more.  The walls were painted with classic 80s geekiness.  Near the restroom was a mural featuring Darth Vader and Gandolf in the ultimate good vs evil battle. I vote for Gandolf.

Bathrooms don’t usually gain my attention but this one was interesting. First of all, there was a sign on the men’s door that read “Dudes, The women’s bathroom is out of order and they will be using yours so make sure you lock it”  This was sloppily hand written and made me laugh.   Inside was even more interesting.  On the walls were pictures of The Golden Girls, mostly Betty White. What’s up with that?   And there was another sign above the urinal that read ” Do not sit or stand on the toilet.  Last week it broke and we do not want to buy another one.”

My wife and our friend Irene pretty much played games all night.  I played a couple of games as well.  The first game I chose was Ms. Pac-Man.  Now before you label me as a lame loser.  I had  a nostalgic reason for this.  In the 80’s my family would pick up the grandparents to get our breakfast every weekend at Perkins Family Restaurant.  By the front entrance was Ms. Pacman and this was about the only opportunity I had to play an arcade game. You see,  Grandmom always gave me a couple of quarters so I took advantage of her generosity.  So don’t judge me damnit!

Anyway, we had a blast at 1984 so when I locate my parachute pants and my boom box I will return.

What were you doing in 1984?

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12 comments on “Hobbits, Dragons, Pinball And Beer

  1. to answer your question, Darth Vader wins hands down. I’m a massive star wars fans and not really a big fan of LOTR.

    In 1984 I was 5, and remember watching Michael Jacksons thriller video on top of the pops 🙂

  2. I’m not sure you want me to answer the question of what I was doing in 1984! Let’s just say I was in fact born before then :). Sounds like a fun place though. We were recently in Dallas and friends took us to a place somewhat like this – very unexpected for Dallas – and we had a blast… so I won’t judge!

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