Craft Beer And Laundry – What’s Next?

bth_beerI go back and forth between “This is cool” to “really? “WTF”.  I receive emails from Living Social, Philly Dealyo and Groupon and every once in a while a beer or wine event pops up.

Beer festivals, wine dinners.  This is pretty standard but it seems establishments are coming up with any excuse to entice the drinker with a reason to show up for the sake of well….. just because.

Let me give you a few examples. Yoga and wine. “That’s cool”.  But beer tasting at a shooting range?  “WTF”  Well uncle Earl made a living out of shooting beer cans in the back yard but I didn’t have to pay a dime for that.  Beer and white water rafting?  Could be fun but beer and laundry?  “WTF”  Maybe a chicory stout is exactly what I need while I wash my unmentionables.  BYOB and Painting?  Maybe, but Beer tasting and Swing dancing? “WTF” Well maybe that’s not a bad idea.  Zombie Pub crawl?  My morbid friends would love this but a Santa Clause Pub Crawl?  That’s just not right. Think of the kids for God sake.  Beer and Bocci Ball?  Old news but Beer and Backgammon? My five time champion mother would never approve.

This reminds me of the Rogue Voodoo Bacon Maple Doughnut Beer.  Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Did I really just write this?  I must be bored. Whatever.

Any strange events come your way?  Please share.

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9 comments on “Craft Beer And Laundry – What’s Next?

  1. Your post made me think about a place called Cowfish I ate at on New Year’s. They serve Burgers and Sushi, and surprisingly, it’s a good fit!

  2. I’ve decided this shows your age. Just because you at an age where fun is dangerous, doesn’t mean that I can’t go to a gun range, and then afterwards go have a delicious beer.

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