Nucleated Beer Glasses = Fancy But Useful

bth_samadamsglassdescriptionLast week was my daughter’s 6th birthday and boy was she anxious to celebrate.  She told us she wanted to have her birthday dinner where they sing a birthday song.  You know, that annoying clapping nonsense. But that is what my girl wanted so that is what she got.  She had a blast. They had a balloon guy there and she got her song. But this post isn’t about birthdays and sea horse balloons. It’s about beer glasses.

That night Red Robin was running a promotion on Sam Adams beer. Buy a pint of Sam Adams Lager or Winter Ale and receive a free specialty glass.  I was pretty excited because this was no ordinary beer glass. The new Sam Adams beer glasses serve a purpose.

How Sam Adams explains their stylish but purposeful glass

“Outward turned lip places beer at front of palate to maximize enjoyment of sweetness from the malt.”

“Narrow top retains the hop aroma and sustains the head.”

“Rounded Shape collects aroma.”

“Thinner walls and rounded shape mantain proper beer temperature longer.”

“Laser Etching on bottom creates bubbles for constant aroma release.”

Nucleated Glasses

Beer glasses with laser etching on the bottom are also referred to as nucleated glasses.  Sounds6291746321_88898905bb_t fancy huh?  Well let me explain how this works in the simplest form.  When the beer meets the etched bottom, the bubbles get really excited and last longer and therefore produces a more stable head.  Who said science was boring?

Sam Adams are not the only guys on the block to add laser etching.

Dogfish Head had a beer glass designed specifically for them.  What makes this glass cool is the laser etching of their Dogish Head logo.

6034821515_f158c351fd_tDuvel glasses also have etching that stimulates the tiny bubbles.

Did you know beer glasses could be so cool?

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13 comments on “Nucleated Beer Glasses = Fancy But Useful

  1. As someone who’s worked in food and beverage as a bar tender for almost 10 years now, I can speak for the fact that a glass has an effect on what youre drinking. Not to the degree that it’ll make bud light taste like a craft brew, but like wine, beer is usually meant to be served in a specific glass. Pilsner glasses are good go-to glasses for any beer, but some craft & specialty beers need something like a snifter. And thats just the tip of the iceberg. 🙂

  2. Bloody hell, I had no idea there was so much to a glass. I’ve been looking for beer glasses for my hubby. You have given me some great background before purchasing 🙂

  3. I’m far more concerned with what is in the glass than the glass itself. A special glass won’t make a mediocre beer great, and a simple pint glass won’t make a great brew mediocre.

  4. I’ve heard that different glasses are used for different beers. There is a “biermarket” in my neighbourhood where I had a gorgeous raspberry beer served in a short, wide glass – apparently, that’s how it’s done.

  5. That’s pretty interesting. At one point, I was getting into different shapes and sizes of wine glasses depending on the varietal. Every now and again I will use my giant Pinot Noir glasses, but it’s rather like drinking from a goblet!

  6. I totally enjoyed this. I had no idea that all that could make a difference in the enjoyment of a quality beer. On the other hand the shape of a wine glass can also make a difference as well so it all makes good sense. Thank you and happy birthday to your daughter. 🙂

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