Cider Review – Spire Mountain Dark And Dry

While craft beer has been my baby for the last seventeen years, I have decided to nurture hard cider for a bit.  Don’t worry, I will never abandon the brew.  For one, hard cider is growing at a higher rate than all other alcohol beverages which means more variety and better quality.

The two stores I frequently shop have a pretty small selection.  State Line in Elkton, MD has the largest but it won’t be long before I deplete my choices. Hopefully I can visit local cideries and work out an online trade.

The last cider I have tasted comes from Olympia, Washington, Spire Mountain Draft Cider Dark and Dry.  What I didn’t realize at first was Spire Mountain Ciders are a product of Fish Brewing Company. Spire Mountain Cider is the oldest continuously operated craft cider maker in the U.S.  and has been crafting ciders since 1995. And I am just hearing about it!

This dark cider comes in a 22oz bomber at 5% ABV and pours deep amber with a natural and moderate carbonation. The aroma has a bright fruit profile.  Mainly apple but with light citrus peel and honey notes.

The flavor starts with bright apple and apple peel then shows nice honey sweetness with soft carbonation.  The sweet honey and apple makes it’s way across the tongue lingering for about 10 seconds and finishes dry preparing itself for the next sip.

I really enjoy naturally fermented ciders and this one had a nice mouthfeel leaning on the medium boddied side.

My wife and I both sampled this cider as I am finding ciders to be her beverage of choice. This is fine by me. This way I won’t look like a lush and finish the entire bottle alone.

So I recommend you seek out Spire Mountain Draft Ciders and start learning which ciders you prefer, but don’t stop at one. Just like wine and beer, I am finding many differences between hard ciders.  And this makes me happy.  It’s the little things in life.

What hard ciders are you drinking these days?

For more info on Hard Cider see Five Ways To Learn And Enjoy Hard Apple Cider and The Apples America Never Ate

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5 comments on “Cider Review – Spire Mountain Dark And Dry

  1. I tried the Dark and Dry yesterday and quite liked it although it was a little sweet on the finish. Try Tieton ciders from Washington State. You’re welcome!

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