Drinking Songs = Crafty's Top Five

Drinking Songs – Crafty’s Favorite Five

If you are meeting me for the first time you will quickly learn how much I love music. I will be honest, I have a hard time doing the simplest tasks sans music; cleaning, working, eating, the computer and especially drinking.

I never really thought about why music and drinking go so well together. Let me clarify what I mean by music and drinking. When I think about pairing booze and music, it is usually in a social setting such as a cookout or at a bar. Even a dinner with friends require music to stimulate the mood.

Now that I think about it, it is quite simple. Celebrating and sharing have always accompanied drinking and food in my world. And where there was celebrating, there was music.  Some people may disagree, but for me, this was typically the case.

Music and libations go together so well, there are countless songs about beer, wine, scotch, you name it (some in the same song!).

I have put together five of my favorite “drinking” songs. This is not nessesarily the best or the most popular but certainly great ones. I wanted to keep this list diversified so I chose different music genres and eras.

“Ain’t no harm to take a little nip but don’t ya fall down and bust your lip.” I couldn’t say it better than Ray Charles. This song was  was actually a cover from The Coasters original recording a year before this hit number one. The timing was bad because Ray would be released from rehab when this single was released.

I realize this song has been over played but I just can’t get enough. This is the ideal sing along tune from George Thorogood and The Destroyers. It also help that he was raised in my hometown, Wilmington, Delaware.

“Beat m’ head outta shape, but leave my grape.” This wine lover reaches a pretty low point. No matter how bad his life gets he needs his booze. Lambert, Hendricks and Ross were pioneers in the late 1950’s with their vocalese style of recording.

This Celtic Punk band was originally known as Pogue Mahone meaning “Kiss My Ass.”  This song is simple. I have been through it all and all I want is to get smashed.

Allright, every once in a while two musical gods come together and just kick ass. Guitar God Jack White and Country Goddess Loretta Lynn really show some chemestry in this duet.

Do you have any favorite drinking songs? What do you like to listen to when you out and about?

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