Flying Dog

Dogs – A Beer’s Best Friend

A very geeky friend of mine often talked about how cool Dr Who was. I never gave it much thought until earlier this year. I don’t watch much tv but I decided I was in the mood for some Sci Fi,  so I decided to see what the big deal was with Dr Who. Thanks to Netflix, I was able to go back to the first season of the new Dr Who series. I got hooked immediately and watched all 6 seasons in just 2 months.

So when I heard the 7th season was airing last friday night, I decided an official premier party was in order.  I posted the idea on Delaware Beer Geek And Wine Lovers FB page.  Ed Morgan, my co-administrator and author of Dogs Of Beer, a Delaware Beer Blog, stepped up to the plate and offered to host the event at his place.

The theme was British Beers and if you found a beer from Wales you got to hold the official tardis key for the night. Well it looked like Mike was the companion for the evening.

One of the many British beer choices we had was the classic Newcastle Brown Ale.  Such a popular British beer, I decided to seek more historical information on this beer and I came across some pretty cool facts. The one that caught my eye was that in the UK, Newcastle Brown is often refered to as “Dog” coming from the euphemism “Going to see a man about a dog” or “Gonna walk the dog” This basically was an excuse for sneaking off to the local pub for their daily pint.

This got me thinking about how many breweries use dogs to promote their beer. I knew of quite a few brewers and beer brands that do just this but with a little digging, I found much more.   Here is a list of brewers and beers that use the popular canine as their mascot.  This certainly is not a complete list.  That would have been overkill.


Thirsty Dog
Hair Of The Dog
Sleepy Dog Brewery
Big Dog Brewing Company
DOG Brewing Company
Sea Dog
Alpine Dog
Malty Dog Brewery and Supplies
Bulldog Brewery         


Beer Brands

Stoudt ~ Fat Dog
Smuttynose ~ Old Brown Dog Ale
Spanish Peaks ~ Black Dog Ale
Cigar City  ~ Puppy Breath Porter
Laughing Dog ~ Rocket Dog RIPA
Thirsty Dog ~ Old Leg Humper
Laughing Dog ~ Alpha Dog Imperial IPA
Flying Dog ~ K=9 Cruiser Winter Ale
Hair Of The Dog ~ Doggie Claws Barlywine
Hair Of The Dog ~ Fred Beer
Flying Dog ~Double Dog Double IPA
Big Dogs ~ Watch Dog Wit
Abita ~ Turbo Dog
Astoria ~ Solar Dog IPA
Astoria ~ Bitter Bitch imperial IPA
Aviator ~ Old Bulldog Extra Special
Barley ~ Double Dog Dare IPA
Evil Twin ~ Mad Dog Pale Ale
Laughing Dog ~ Dog Father Imperial Stout
Flying dog ~ Garde Dog Saison

There seems to have been a long time love affair with men and their beer and dogs.

In 1950, a 44-year-old brewery, Acme,  designed a beer called Bull Dog Beer to appeal to the male drinkers.  The slogan was “Brewed to a Man’s Taste!”  

In the 1980s Strohs aired a series of commercials featuring the beer-fetching-dog named Alex.
In 1987, Bud Light depicted a fictional dog named Spuds MacKenzie that became one of the most popular beer mascots.  The funny thing was that Spuds was actually female.

In 1994, Miller introduced Red Dog Beer and featured a tough Bulldog on the label.

And let’s not forget the Dalmatians that are still being used to promote Budweiser beer.

So what is the motivation behind Dogs and Beer?  Is it that a dog is man’s best friend?   Do dogs represent a sense of loyalty therefore promoting a brand that a drinker will stick with?  Will brewers continue using dogs in their beer brands? Or will it become old hat?

Let me know what you think.

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4 comments on “Dogs – A Beer’s Best Friend

  1. fascinating stuff, I love a Newcastle Brown ale every now and then, when my mum was young it was said that it was good stuff to drink while pregnant!!! (how times change) Glad to see you’ve become a Dr Who fan, I am too, I follow in my dad’s footsteps so I’ve watched all the episodes from 40 years or so ago!! BTW your list of Dog Beers also features K9 who just happened to be Dr Who’s dog!!

  2. A few blocks away from Hair of the Dog is the Lucky Labrador, a brewpub with a bone-a-fide dog yard. Among their dog-themed beers is Super Dog IPA and The Mutt, made with a melange of backyard hops.

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