A Day At The Beach – Without Dogfish Head

Say Goodbye To Summer

Well, Pumpkin Beers are out and the evenings are getting cooler so the beach days are pretty much gone but we did manage to get down to the beach recently.   Nothing like the beach right?  Not.  The beach sucks.  I know what you are thinking. What could possibly be wrong with the beach? Let me rephrase.  The way my wife enjoys the beach sucks. 
Here is a typical beach day.  First of all, let me tell you all that we live in Wilmington, DE and usually trek down to Rehoboth, DE, about a 2 hr drive or if you have three girls, 2.5 hours. We get up early enough but here is where the fun, or shall I say the unnecessary tasks, start.  My wife believes in packing the car as if we are camping for a week.  This is what we take:

 A Real Pain In My Ass

1. A large cooler full of water, yogurt, cheese, sandwiches, juice, goldfish, and fruit
2. A monster bag stuffed with five towels, sunscreen spray, sunscreen stick, camera, and 5 changes of clothes (1 each)
3. A beach mat
4. Two umbrellas
5. Three buckets of toys
6. A huge cart to pull all of this stuff. (It is more work packing the cart and pulling it across the sand than just carrying it all by hand)

 The car is packed out for God’s sake.  Did I tell you we only go for one day?

 After an hour of packing, getting the girls ready and fed, we drive down Route 1 and stop at least twice for potty breaks.  We used to set up camp on the sands of Rehoboth but now we find a spot at Tower Beach.  I do like this beach much better, less crowded. We then oil up and head to the ocean.  Now I admit, playing on the beach with the kiddies is a lot of fun but before we had girls, my wife just liked  laying on the  sand basking in the sun, then cooling off with some cold waves.  For me, I find sitting on the beach a waste of time.  I usually like to walk around town though. This particular Saturday, we spent all day on the beach with my daughter’s friend and family. They were pretty cool though.  After a long hot day of swimming and sandcastle building, the girls all needed a shower, so they say.  Just give me a towel and a shirt and I am good to go .  An hour later and we were ready for dinner.  Rehoboth has an amazing amount of cool eats but the typical place to take large families is to Grotto Pizza  This is sort of a typical chain style pizza joint. Cassia’s friend’s dad was sitting with his sister and brother-in-law and decided they wanted beer and wanted to treat.  So they ordered a pitcher.  This is where nostalgia kicked in. I haven’t had a pitcher of beer in almost 17 years since I started drinking craft beer.  You see, pitchers are a thing of the past in my neck of the woods. Moses (Moira’s dad) asked me what beer I like. The million dollar question! So here is how you should handle a situation like this.   If someone else is treating, make no fuss and have whatever they order.  So he asked if Miller Lite was good and I said no problem. I haven’t had a Miller Lite in almost 2 decades.  I forgot what it tasted like. It didn’t matter because the point of this dinner was for Cassia and Moira, her best friend, to spend the day together and for the adults to hang out.

 My wife whispered to me, “Did you just order Miller Lite?” and I said, “Yeah, there really isn’t much choice anyway.” Kristin opened the menu and pointed to Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA. Ha, the last place I expected to find DFH.


So how was the Miller Lite?

Fine because it took me back to a time when friends would all sit at a table on a Saturday night, listen to loud music, dance, goof off and just laugh the night away. We had a system.  Everyone brought cash and each person would take his or her turn ordering a pitcher of light beer  for everyone to share.  My favorite memory was the 5 dollar price tag that came with the pitcher. That’s right folks, 5 dollars for an entire pitcher. I sometimes pay 7 to 10 dollars a glass now.
We had no craft beer in those days so we had nothing to complain about.  It was all about the company then. So while I was drinking my frosted mug of Miller Lite this hot evening, I was remembering the old days of sharing beer and playing hard.

Did I tell you that Dogfish Head Brewpub was just a 10 minute walk away?  Well, maybe next summer.

When was the last time you had a pitcher of beer ? Was it craft?  Tell us about the beer choices you had when you turned 21. 
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4 comments on “A Day At The Beach – Without Dogfish Head

  1. Great post, Patrick. I’m with you. I pretty much only drink craft beer now unless it’s a steamy hot day and I just want to quench my thirst. Pitchers are indeed a thing of the past!

    As I’m a chocolate connoisseur, my favourite beer these days is the Stir Tick Stout made by Half Pints brewery in Manitoba, Canada where I live. It has organic coffee and chocolate malt in it and goes extremely well with dark chocolate.

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