“Beer Is Not Good For Your Health”

I have always felt that the best experiences were the ones you don’t expect.

Saturday in Dover, DE at Fordham Brewery, my local Beer Group (Delaware Beer Geeks and Wine Lovers) will be setting up a vender table at The Hogs and Hops Beer Festival.  This was something that was never really planned but my clever co-organizer managed to make a deal with the Hogs and Hops Organizer.

So after procastinating, I finally decided to get a sign. The gentleman that waited on me was a lanky white haired fellow with a serious but friendly expression.  So I enthusiastically told him  we were attending a beer festival Sat and needed a small no fuss sign.

The clerk, very seriously said “Don’t you know drinking is bad for your health?” WTF, did he just say that? I thought good God, a Prohibitionist asshole. But before I knew it, he repeated himself and reached behind the counter and pulled out a cold beer and took a sip. A Grolsch as matter of fact. I just smiled and thought “how cool”, is that allowed?  Who cares.  I am not saying anything. Well I guess I am now. Oops.

He told me people call him “Mr Grolsch”.  From what I gathered, this is the only beer he drinks.  Apparently he and his wife traveled to Holland 30 years ago and tasted a Grolsch  and he hasn’t drank anything else since.

For those of you who don’t know, Grolsch is a premium lager from the Netherlands that comes in a gren bottle with a swingtop lid. Grolsch is a subsiduary of SABMiller. I actually have never had a Grolsch so I can’t say much about it.

Now you know as well as I do that drinking at work is typically frowned upon but not so much in Europe. Well at least it didn’t used to be that way. Just 2 years ago, the workers of Carlsberg in Amsterdam went on strike because they were no longer allowed to drink on duty. They still left them the right to drink one bottle at lunch time. 

So before you jump to conclusions like I did, just pause for a second and wait for the punchline.  “Mr Grolsch” may have one hidden behind his counter.

So what do think? Should drinking be allowed in the office? At lunch?

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