How do you plan your vacation?

If you are a foodie like me, your vacation planning probably looks like this.

Destination: Vermont

City: Burlington.

I hit the web and Google “Things to do in Burlington Vermont.”  I  find the attractions tab and locate beer/wineries.  Listed are Magic Hat, Long Trail Brewery, Wolavers and Otter Creek.  Hot damn!  I can hit two a day.

On to the wineries.  I find a cool map on  In the Burlington area, I find Shelburne vineyards,  Snow Farm Winery, Charlotte Village Winery and Lincoln Peak .  I love visiting local small wineries.  I will hit two or three of the wineries.

My beer and wine obviously needs cheese.  Hmm. Vermont is known for their cheeses.   I head back online and Google “Cheese farms near Burlington Vermont.”  Shazam!  I come across Vermont Farm Tours.  A bit expensive but you get a guided tour to two or three cheese farms, a three course picnic lunch and a cheese and wine/beer pairing.  What a day that will be.

What’s next? Maple syrup?  I stumble upon Robb Family Farm in Brattleborow, VT.  It says I can enjoy the landscape from the back of a horse-drawn wagon.  The farm offers maple syrup and maple candy as well as natural raised beef.

There is no secret that Ben and Jerry’s is in Vermont so I check the map to see how far from Burlington it is.  Pretty close.  Chunky Monkey anyone?

I’m exhausted and stuffed but I have lots of cool pics, met some cool farmers and got my food and drink on.

How do you plan your vacation?

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